En trojan sprids i Spotify!

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Trojan in Spotify!

Are you one of those who use the free non ad-free Spotify? Then you should be aware there is a trojan spreading!

Users of the Spotify Free music streaming software have been attacked by drive-by malware. At least one attack used a Java exploit to drop malicious executable code on a victim’s computer, with AVG software identifying one of the malicious payloads as Trojan horse Generic_r.FZ. Another threat blocked by AVG was a Blackhole Exploit Kit hosted on the domain.

Several people have reported the problem to Spotify and attacks are still being reported at the time of publication. It is believed that the attacks are being launched through malicious third-party adverts which are displayed in ad-supported versions of the Spotify software. By exploiting local software vulnerabilities, the attacker can then install malware on unprotected computers.


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  1. Very true! Makes a canhge to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

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